27 May 2007

Update after six months

All of you contemplating a hip replacement out there will be happy about this one! Six months have gone by and I am almost totally back to normal. By that I mean I'm doing every yoga pose I used to do except headstand (because I haven't got the core strength yet to get up into it), pidgeon on the left side (will probably never do that, as it violates ALL of the hip precaution), and certain intense twists with crossed legs. I am also walking a half hour a day with 150 pounds of dog (2) on leashes.

I have to admit that:
1)I don't have the prettiest walk
2)I probably will never have, because
3)I was right about my back. I have moderate to severe scoliosis, which probably caused me to lean into my left hip in the first place.

But, folks, it's all eminently doable, even for an athlete. The misleading part is how they tell you that you will be walking the day after (you are), but how different that is from feeling like yourself (takes more than six months).

On Thursday I leave for a yoga retreat to Penang, Phuket, and Bangkok. I've been bringing the cane to the airport with me simply because it gets me to the front of security lines, but I think I'm finished with that, as well.