23 September 2011

How Long Does the Pain Last?

A good friend of mine had his right hip replaced about three weeks ago by the same surgeon I used. A week after the surgery, I went to see him at home, and he was moaning and groaning "how long is this going to last?" He was very discouraged, and seemed to be in pain. It was difficult for him to get up even to go the bathroom or take a shower, and he was disgruntled by his own helplessness.

I went back a week later, and he was up and walking around. But he was still housebound and depressed, and still on the pain pills.

After the third week, he told me he was having to be awakened in the night for the pain pills. I asked him if he had any common sense, and if so, why wasn't he using it? If, indeed, he was sleeping, how bad could the pain still be? He lengthened the time between doses of the pain pills.

At the end of the fourth week, he went back to his office.

He's 81. Ritz, tell your dad to have a little patience. I'm in no pain, doing everything, I could sleep in a tent if I wanted to (I don't, but I've been trekking through India), I practice yoga, and everyone's body heals at its own rate:-)