22 April 2007

Power Yoga

First time back at Power Yoga since the surgery. It showed me how tight I am on the left(operated) side compared to the right. Not in the hip joint, ironically, but in the hamstrings, calves, etc. By the end of the class, I had stretched to the point where I felt equal on both sides, but I must admit as soon as I sit down I tighten up again. I can see that I can stretch it, though.

Yoga is such a gift. You learn so much about yourself. The sense of community is awesome. And the stretching and strengthening seem so much more interesting than just doing exercises in a gym.

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09 April 2007

Hostess with the Mostess

Hostess with the Mostess
Originally uploaded by chelsea hardaway.
Chelsea's Bo, part of the Golden Retriever nursing team,. welcomes me back to Half Moon Bay after the surgery

08 April 2007


I have had a horrible week. Although when I went to the doctor she told me nothing was fractured or loose, and that I was still healing well, it didn't cheer me up. In fact, very little cheered me up. I managed to make everyone in my life angry with me, because I was so self-absorbed that I wasn't "there" for any of them, although I thought I was running around trying to help everyone.

Finally I began to think that, four and a half months out from the hip replacement, still in (some) pain and still limping or leaning, I am mourning the loss of my youth. Or at least that part of my youth represented by the ability to walk gracefully without shifting and leaning from side to side or limping. When I was younger, no one could notice I had scoliosis. Now my right shoulder is visibly raised all the time. And no amount of exercise that I've done so far has been able to impact this.

I have tried very hard to embrace wisdom, age gracefully, etc., but I think I must be fooling myself.

02 April 2007


More clunking in the hip joint when I raised my leg today, so I was told to get X-rays, which I will do tomorrow.

Meanwhile Chip, the trainer, came over and tested me. He was pretty worried for a while that the joint was unstable, but after he tested me, he thought maybe the issue was just a tight ileo-tibial band and an unconscious external rotation that turns the wrong muscles on and off.

I must say that after he massaged me, my hip joint didn't make the same hollow clunking that it had before. But there is still a chance that I will have to have a revision, which means going through all this stuff all over again -- another surgery, another anaesthesia, another rehab. I was close to tears when Chip was telling me about it.

It is, however, only during flexion, so maybe it's okay.

01 April 2007


After two weeks of yoga without consequence, this morning I went to the gym to do the exercises Chip gave me. When I finished the series of exercises, I decided to see whether I had gained strength (although I knew I had), so I went back to some of the exercises I used to do with the physical therapist. When I got to the marching, I noticed that when I raised my (operated) leg, there was a painless catch or click that I could feel, rather than hear, and I wonder if that's normal.
It's almost as if the joint is catching up somewhere, and maybe it's on a muscle, tendon, or ligament that surrounds it.

I'm gonna ask the experts. Better safe than sorry.