12 December 2007

One Year Later...

Here I am on Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay with a golden retriever of my daughter's. The most important thing about this photo is that I am not in pain, not limping, and capable of walking three or more miles and doing a Power yoga class.

I went back for my follow-up with Dr. Whirlow, and she said I could do just about anything I wanted to, because I understood my body. She also said that the muscles in both my legs looked symmetrical from the rear, and that I had a done a good job of rehab.

She said most people don't get back to where I am because they are not willing to do the work to get all the way back. There's no denying it: it was work. If you read back through these pages, you will see that.

But I set an intention to return to yoga, and I wanted to be able to walk the goldens, and this morning I took everybody to the dog park and it was wonderful.