23 July 2007

Pete Wilson

Yesterday I read in the SF Chronicle that Pete Wilson, a famous local anchor personality, died after undergoing surgery for a hip replacement at Stanford. This reminded me that hip replacement surgery isn't something to take lightly. He had a heart attack during the surgery.

And he wasn't old. And he was at a major teaching facility. Stuff happens. But I wonder if he was thoroughly screened before the surgery as I was. I had to take so many tests, and I was in so much pain at the time, that I resented each one of them. Now I see how necessary they all were, and I once again give props to Janet Whirlow, MD, who made me go through all the correct preparation so that nothing bad happened to me (that I didn't cause through my own desire to do too much too quickly :-)).

As for me, I can hike a couple of miles on a trail, be pulled along by two large golden retrievers, do yoga, do Pilates, and go to the gym. I still don't rotate inward or take my left leg across my body. I don't cross my left leg over my right. I move more mindfully. But that's about it...

17 July 2007

Camp Fluppy Puppy

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The dogs at Chelsea's house in Montara.
L.to r. Kodie and Bodie, who belong to Chelsea, and Chauncey and Luckily belong to me

15 July 2007

Second Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

Agenda and Registration


November 8, 2007 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Reception and meet-up starts at 4:30 PM

Looking for funding? Need a new go-to-market strategy or a partner all? Feeling the scarcity of tech talent? You can find them all at the Second Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference – a must-attend for anyone in or contemplating an entrepreneurial venture.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Success” – yours and that of such Arizona superstars as Limelight Networks, Jigsaw Health, and Zenter. Don’t know them? You SHOULD…


Opening Keynote

Pat Sullivan, Founder of ACT and SalesLogix, currently Chairman of Jigsaw Health,

on why he started another company, and why Jigsaw Health.

Lunch Keynote

Surprise Guest

Workshops, Panels, and Case Studies

Being Green in Arizona

Real Estate 2.0 – Technology Changes Ahead for Arizona’s Major Industry

Exit Strategies by IPO or Acquisition, featuring the CEOs of Limelight Networks and Zenter (acquired this year by Google)

Women as Entrepreneurs: Some Surprises About How Successful They Are, and in Which Industries

Access to Capital in Arizona

The Process of Innovation: How You and Your Company Can Innovate

Recruiting and Keeping Talent in an Era of Free Agents

Social Entrepreneurship: Making Money and Making a Difference

Social Media Connection: An open invitation to Arizona Social Media Mavens to Come and Meet-up

Evening Reception

With Michael Gerber author of “The E-Myth” and world-renowned entrepreneurship advocate, host of “In the Dreaming Room

No-host Bar

Full conference, $99 before 10/15/07, $125 (regular registration), $150 at the door

Lunch only - $75

Reception only - $50

Social Media Pass - $50

Student - $50

Remainder of copy is exactly the same as last year, except omit TIE and NAWBO as partners