30 July 2008

Summer Update

So you may notice that these posts are signed by "Buppy the Puppy." His blog gets much more traffic than this one does, and it's written from his point of view, so signing them Francine Hardaway didn't seem logical, and Blogger doesn't seem to let you change your signature from blog to blog. Or if it does, I haven't bothered to learn.

But this is the latest and greatest on the hip replacement, which will be two years old in November.

I can now balance on my left leg. This is a big deal. Couldn't do it before the replacement, and couldn't do it for a long time after, because I also have a scoliosis that tilts me to the left. In fact, that's what probably threw the hip out in the first place. And then I have no arch on my left foot -- also a problem.

So now I recommend Pilates as a complement to yoga. Pilates has given me an even greater and more subtle sense of alignment, and how small muscles in strange places help you stand and walk. But if you are going to take Pilates, don't go to the gym or take a mat class. To get anything out of it, you have to use the Reformer, a wierd piece of equipment with an even stranger name. But the Reformer gives you the feedback you need to truly strengthen the correct muscles.

I probably should have known all of this before I trashed my hip!