23 September 2008

If You are Thinking of Having a Hip Replacement...

I am here to help. There's not much for me to update on my own progress, as I have returned, through Pilates and yoga, to "normal." (I've never been normal.) But I am here to help everyone else who is having a hip replacement.

If you are thinking of having a replacement, read this blog all the way through. I've tried to be as truthful as I can about the experience, from the day before the operation to the present, nearly two years later. Only by going back to how I felt at the beginning of the process can I remember how much pain I was in when I tried to register myself into the hospital, and when I walked down the corridors for the pre-op tests. In retrospect, I waited too long.

I thought I could cure myself through diet and exercise. I couldn't. But now that I've had the surgery, I see there are some times when surgery is clearly the best choice.