23 July 2007

Pete Wilson

Yesterday I read in the SF Chronicle that Pete Wilson, a famous local anchor personality, died after undergoing surgery for a hip replacement at Stanford. This reminded me that hip replacement surgery isn't something to take lightly. He had a heart attack during the surgery.

And he wasn't old. And he was at a major teaching facility. Stuff happens. But I wonder if he was thoroughly screened before the surgery as I was. I had to take so many tests, and I was in so much pain at the time, that I resented each one of them. Now I see how necessary they all were, and I once again give props to Janet Whirlow, MD, who made me go through all the correct preparation so that nothing bad happened to me (that I didn't cause through my own desire to do too much too quickly :-)).

As for me, I can hike a couple of miles on a trail, be pulled along by two large golden retrievers, do yoga, do Pilates, and go to the gym. I still don't rotate inward or take my left leg across my body. I don't cross my left leg over my right. I move more mindfully. But that's about it...


Carolus Hereticus said...


Congrats on the good luck with your THR. I've just had my right hip replaced (July 18), and am in the recovery phase right now. I've blogged my experiences at http://arxhereticus.blogspot.com/.

Best of luck!


edge said...

I'm a structural integration person (Rolfer) helping Carolus with his rehab. As far as I know, his hip rotators are still in service, so I'm not sure what happened to yours. I'm curious what you've done, beyond the minimal physical therapy your docs and physical therapists may have offered you, as a dancer, to get back to your life?
If you get some good proprioceptive work (such as what I've been doing with CH, and am glad to share with you) maybe the balance problem can begin to fade into the background. We read a lot of your blog going into his THR, and took courage from it. Thank you so much for sharing.