02 April 2007


More clunking in the hip joint when I raised my leg today, so I was told to get X-rays, which I will do tomorrow.

Meanwhile Chip, the trainer, came over and tested me. He was pretty worried for a while that the joint was unstable, but after he tested me, he thought maybe the issue was just a tight ileo-tibial band and an unconscious external rotation that turns the wrong muscles on and off.

I must say that after he massaged me, my hip joint didn't make the same hollow clunking that it had before. But there is still a chance that I will have to have a revision, which means going through all this stuff all over again -- another surgery, another anaesthesia, another rehab. I was close to tears when Chip was telling me about it.

It is, however, only during flexion, so maybe it's okay.

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