11 March 2007

chauncey in bed

chauncey in bed
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So this is one of the dogs I can now walk on a leash. He's Chauncey, he's five, he weighs 85 pounds and he accompanied me through the surgery. Notice that he is a male, and he therefore thinks he controls the remote :-)

He now has a baby brother, a one-year-old golden I rescued and named Luckly Puppily. Although I didn't get Luckily P. until New Year's Eve, I was only about six weeks post-op, and I absolutely couldn't walk either dog on a leash. Ever try to leash train a puppy that you can't tak on a leash? I had to defer the job until very recently.

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Lesley Butt said...

Francine i have just read your blogg as i am due for a full hipreplacement myself in the next too weeks. It was good of you to think about other people and there thought before an opp. I thought you took it all well and it was good to have a read through your other blogg. We are all getting old i am 45 and that is younge for a hipreplacement but i am sure we do alot more exercise now days than our parents use to do. Anyway thanks for the advice lesley