29 August 2007

Summer's Gone, But I'm Back

The long tail of the Internet forces me to keep adding to this blog in response to the people who are asking me online if I am "back yet." Indeed I am. In the photo on the left, I am with my two goldens (I am the photographess) on a hill far, far above my home. I walked up two large hills to get here, and then hiked on the POST trail. A year ago I couldn't have done this AT ALL. Two years ago, I could have done it with ease.

This year I did it, a little out of shape in the wind department, but with no pain in the hip, back, et. So yes, I am back.

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Barb Minas said...

This is the BEST blog on hip replacement. I just had mine done Sept. 25th. It came as a surprise to me. I hadn't been in a hospital since a mastectomy gone-bad in 1993, so had many anxieties. It was great to read your experiences & I am looking forward to my recovery.