10 March 2008

The Future

The future of this hip replacement is bright. I'm at South by Southwest (SXSW), which has been described as Spring Break for geeks. For the past three days, I've worn a pedometer as I walked around town and around the conference center, just so I can see how I am doing for exercise. Yesterday I walked 15,755 steps, all on concrete. That's the equivalent of 6-7 miles. Although my back is stiff (that's a whole other matter), my hip is fine. So exciting that I can do all this now.


sonyalee said...

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care020 said...

I had my replacement done in April of '07, and I am still experiencing pain when I go up stairs. Admittedly, the pain is not in my hip but in the muscles along the femur and in the knee. One fellow replacement patient told me this is normal at one year. How were you on stairs at the one year mark.

Because I am eager to reach the full recovery phase, I am sometimes not very patient with the healing process.