07 May 2010


Someone commented on this blog that her mother was afraid to have a hip replacement because she has scoliosis. I made sure my surgeon knew in advance about the scoliosis and adjusted so I was a bit less unbalanced after than I was before.  It had absolutely no effect on my recovery, however, or on the severity of the operation.

I'm now 3.5 years out and I don't even remember I have it most of the time. Of course I still keep in shape assiduously, which was the way I was before.


Natasha Papousek said...

Hooray that you feel so good!

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D said...

I think we all have to work on it. If you want to feel good, you have to do the work:-) But you are already balancing better than I can, because of the scoliosis. I can balance on my right leg almost forever, but my left side is always a challenge and some days I can't balance on it for more than ten seconds. And not in a room full of yoga students:-)

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