11 January 2007

Golf course

Before I had hip problems, I always took the dogs to the golf course in the morning so they could blow off some steam and not want to tear up the house. This morning, for the first time since the hip replacement, I loaded them in the car and took them up there alone. The part of the golf course I used to walk is about a mile and a half, and I wondered if I was going to be able to do it. Answer: yes!!! It was so much fun to be out where I used to go and also so much fun to watch the dogs run and cavort that it really didn't feel like any distance at all.

One problem: at the end of the walk when I had to put them both back on leashes (one weighs 58 pounds and the other 84 pounds), Chauncey -- the heavier one -- decided to pull on me. Only when he did that did I realize I'm still not fully recovered inside. I was sore.

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