13 January 2007


Once again I have come to the conclusion that physical therapy is a poor substitute for some of the kinds of body work I have done in the past.  Today I went to a Pilates class, the first clase of any kind I've been to since the surgery.  It seemed great to be in a class.  I modified a few things to deal with the hip precautions: bent my knees and pointed toes out when I folded forward, and didn't hug my left knee into my chest.  But otherwise I had a great time and I think it made me feel much looser.

And then this afternoon, I had a deep tissue massage, after which I wasn't even limping.  The massage therapist told me to go home and take a bath for a half hour in Epsom Salts, which have just re-surfaced in my life.  They were a part of my childhood, and then I somehow forgot about them.  But they do take out toxins and prevent soreness, so I did it.

And I realized I've spent the entire day without the cane.

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