04 January 2007

The X-Ray

OMG, I got the X-ray of my new hip yesterday.  There it is, gleaming in there like the solid citizen it is, in sharp distinction to the other side of my pelvis, where my own right hip languishes in shadows and shards. There's nothing wrong with my right hip -- it's just not titanium and ceramic.  It's pretty amazing to get a glance at a foreign body in your body, especially since I don't FEEL anything different now that the incision has healed.

Yesterday I read the blog of a football coach who had both hips replaced and blogged about the second one at www.geezerjocks.com. When he described his exercise routine after the surgery I almost fainted.  He lifted heavy weights almost immediately, which amazed me. And he was walking long distances, too. Eeek. So I went to the gym twice in twelve hours, last night and this morning.  And I'd better take the dogs somewhere tonight, too.  Gotta catch up!

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