27 January 2007

Time goes by

Things are getting better. My surgeon recommended a body mechanics specialist who understands that it's stretching I need. As I knew they would, lots of muscles have gotten weak and tight without yoga. He gave me a new series of exercises.

I have also been going to a different PT who seems to have given me better strengthening exercises. Although I still get tired and limp, I've been taking the dogs to the golf course and loving it. And today I was practically dancing in the pool. I don't limp at the beginning of the day.

But I will say this, as I've said before: the surgery was nothing compared to what I expected. It was much easier. The rehab was nothing compared to what I expected. It is much harder. I think it depends on what your expectations are for yourself at various time periods. I'm almost nine weeks out, and I think I should be finished with all this rehab.

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