02 January 2007

I see a difference (again)

Every once in a while I make a leap (well, figuratively) forward and I'm re-energized for rehab.  This morning I walked almost effortless up the steps to the main gym floor, and I left my cane in the car altogether.  Now it wasn't pretty, but it worked.

The gym had an after-New Year's special: free body fat calculations. All my life I've thought of myself as muscular, so I submitted to the test.  Lo, I was declared to be 33% body fat.  Damn! I know that's not a really accurate measurement, but it's not far off what my fancy Tanita scale says, so I must be in worse shape than I thought after this surgery. That's something we never think about: what a couple of months of relative inactivity can do to all those calculations.

So I went to the Internet and looked up what someone my age should be.  First of all, they stop calculating after age 55. Everybody 56 and up is lumped into the same group. Ideal for women my age is 26.5-31.3. Average is 31.3-36.3. So I'm on the low side of average, only the average American is overweight and overfat.

As soon as I see Dr. Whirlow and she lets me, I'm gettin' a trainer.  These goldens aren't doing it for me :-)

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