15 January 2007

I had the greatest trip to California. Big difference walking through airports now that I have the hip replacement; I no longer look to see how far away things are -- I just set off like I used to. And I feel as though I am getting more and more stable. My back is loosening up, too, now that I'm doing some yoga. One thing I see I cannot do:sun salutations. They violate the hip precautions when I step my left foot forward and put my arms on the floor.

I'm about to blow off the physical therapy and get on my own program. I know which muscles are weak, and I know what to do to strengthen them, and I feel silly lying on the table with a heating pad, because I'm always already warmed up when I get there. yesterday I went to the gym and walked the treadmill/rode the bike for 30 minutes.

Stay tune! This is 8 weeks and I am getting much better again.

Update: went to a physical therapy when I went home and got some good standing exercises that build strength. No more of this heating pad stuff.

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