20 November 2006

The Day!

4:45 A.M. Up early to go to the hospital. Two hours of pre-op procedures, including positioning me correctly on the table and conferring with the anaesthesiologist. Now I'm excited, because I know that by noon I will be in another place, in a new beginning. I know I've made a good decision, and I'm going down the right path.

I know I will be frustrated after today by the lack of wireless in the hospital. I'm bringing my Blackberry, but I know I don't have the patience to write long pieces with my thumbs.

Slept beautifully, given the pain in my hip, with my dog on the bed. Got up to meditate and do some pranayama breathing to inflate the lungs and slow the heart rate. Might as well give the anaesthesiologist something to work with.

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goodwillstacy said...

I'm not sure how I got here, but somehow I stumbled upon it. I just wanted to say hello. This entry is SO familiar to me, as I think I might have written the same one on my blog, No More Mashed Potatoes - http://www.nomoremashedpotatoes.com - it was written before and during recovery for a 2 stage bilateral TMJ (jaw) joint replacement.
So I definitely understand what you went through and commend that you blogged it for so many to read. I'm glad you are feeling better, and it just reinforces my belief that those with positive attitudes get better faster and recover more completely.. good job!