22 November 2006


Yesterday I went flapping down the hall trailing catheters and IVs behind
me, for 100 feet.learning to walk again-walker'nad leg,good leg,walker,bad leg,good leg.I loved it.today I lose the catheter and the IV and the morphine pump. And more walking so I can go home tomorrow.
Let's see how this goes.
Yesterday'too, was party central in my room as ed, Marc, Mark, Marilyn,chelsea'temple and fref came by.the funniest was when Marc and Jlein appeared almost simultaneously with frappacinos.
So the worst thing is the catheter and the embolism socks. The best is the morphine. And I had Houston's take out for dinner.
The nursing staff here is head and shoulders above others I have seen. The indicator is that I felt okay sending Chelsea and ed home and staying here over night.

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