29 November 2006


Another physical therapist showed up today and told me that, as a recipient of home health services, I had the right to go to my doctor's appointments, my place of worship, my hairdresser (that's quite an interesting one) and that is all -- or I quit receiving services.

She also told me that  if I pushed it too hard, blood would pool in the wound and I might get a DVT. This is a direct contradiction to what the nurse said the day before: that more active people had LESS risk of DVT.And another therapist had told me that a lot of the doctors thought there was very, very little risk of DVT unless you had a famly history.

I do know two people who have had them, and I don't want one. But I'm not sure what to do, so I spent most of Tuesday doing what most patients would do: shuffling around the house a little, and mostly laying in bed.

By the end of the day, I was in a big depression, and had to send out to Houston's for dinner. Then, because I didn't do anything all day, I couldn't sleep last night.  Fortunately, today is my doctor's appointment and I will get some decent advice about what to do next.

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