19 November 2006

Party the night before

It's the night before the surgery, and I've been to dinner at Wildfish and had scallops and red wine. I've already taken off all my jewelry, shaved the leg that will be operated on up to the waist, and raced out to buy a bathrobe for the hospital because I didn't own one. I also tried to buy a night gown, but when I went to Target I found out that night gowns must be out of fashion: they didn't have any. Only pajamas! Who knew...

I've been hyper-hydrating (forcing fluids) all weekend, and I've also been drinking cranberry juice because the surgeon told me to do it. She called me this afternoon to ask if there were any "surprises," (am I sick or something) or do I need anything. I found that touching. It's also good marketing.

I've been beautifully supported today by the arrival of my daughter and her SO with their 2 golden retrievers. My friend Dan also brought his golden over, and then he began to throw balls to them in my (big) backyard. When he threw out the opening pitch, four goldens took off after it, falling over themselves and looking as silly as goldens can. It was a LOL moment.

Now I go to bed, stop drinking at midnight, and only take essential meds with a sip of water in the morning. I have to be at the hospital at 6 AM for the pre-op; the actual surgery is at 8. Because I won't remember anything of tomorrow (according to the surgeon), I probably won't try to write anything. If I did, it would be like dialing drunk...

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