26 November 2006


We had a bit of a hiccup in the stellar recovery process last night. Belle rented some movies and we watched 'Jesus is Magic" (Sarah Silverstein) and "Wordplay." I didn't think Sarah was as funny as she's supposed to be. I really enjoyed "Wordplay," though, because I grew up doing the NY Times Crossword Puzzle.

Somewhere at the end of the second movie I drifted off to sleep. Remember the Coumadin that I have to take to thin my blood? Well, I guess it has been doing too good a job, because in the middle of the night I woke up spitting blood. I had watched a video in the hospital about Coumadin and understood that one of its side effects was bleeding, so I called 911 and my doctor. The doctor answered her own phone on Saturday night after midnight, and told me the blood was probably from my nasal passages from the intubation. It was a big-ass nosebleed and not terribly dangerous, although she stopped the Coumadin for a while.

When the EMTs came, they checked out the color of the blood and concurred. They were terrific: a bunch of young firemen accompanied by a female medical student. I was a little embarrassed, but not as much as I would have been if I had not called and had bled to death :-)

On the positive side, I ambulated with the walker into Starbucks yesterday and had coffee with Greg. Then my friend Mary called, and met me there to take me back home. While she was visiting, Gillian showed up, and Dan came over with Bluey. When we opened the door to let in the fourth dog, all of them got out and started running down the street. Apparently my next door neighbor had the gate open into his backyard, and they all went in to visit his dog. When Kodie saw that the man had a pool, he apparently belly-flopped right in! (I didn't see it because I was home entertaining mere humans).

Finally I got tired and repaired back to the bed, where the nurses kept me company all afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Francine! I just now checked into your blog and I'm thrilled to see that you have a very attentive team of 4-legged nurses to make sure your spirits are up. You'll be back on a trip to some remote part of the world in no time. Or maybe you'll be on one more cruise...this time with your own walker! No...not you...you'll be flying high. Get well kiddo...we all miss you.
Barbara Moss

francine said...

Barbara is the sweetest woman! Thanks.