22 November 2006


I'm going to go home tomorrow! I can get out of bed and go to the bathroom with only minimal oversight and all my catheters and tubes are gone.
Nothing has changed with me and pain pills; as always, I hate the way they make me feel--foggy and wiggy, as though one more would send me over some edge.
Today I could see the hospital get ready for the holiday: none of the usual nurses will be on tomorrow and I don't feel as safe.Tons more people came in today, though, timing their surgeries over Thanksgiving.
I had my hair washed today, because I realize I won't be able to shower until the incision heals.
I also try to get an appointment for a manicure in the hospital spa, but they are booked.

This hospital is like the cruise ship, but with bigger rooms. It even has room service. After all, it is Scottsdale! It act a lot like a resort.
I walked twice around the floor today and each time got easier, but remembering not to bend forward and not to raise my leg when I get home will be a study for a while.I see why they say it is a long recovery. No matter what shape you are in, the tissues take just as long to revive. But I feel blessed.
I am strong.

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