28 November 2006

One week out

What a bunch of days. You would think that after the EMT Party I would rest. But I woke up on Sunday and went to Starbucks again with Chelsea. After that, the physical terrorist came to the house for the first time to show me my exercises and check out my walking. Of course she said I was getting along fine, threading my way among the retrievers. She gave me a series of quad, hamstring, and glute exercises. The only things she gave that I can't do with ease are the abductor exercises, because I had an abductor contracture from years of using the wrong muscles to walk. Because my hip hurt, I didn't use my abductors and they got tight and weak. I guess she had to move or cut them and disturb a lot of tissue to release them so my legs would be the same.

I did not have a resurfacing or a non-invasive procedure for two reasons: first,I have scoliosis, spondololithesis, and spinal stenosis, and I wanted to make sure the new hip didn't aggravate any of those, which I now control through exercise; and I love yoga and wished to go back to it. So Dr. Whirlow opened me up wide enough to see the joint and position it correctly. I am thankful for this. I doubt you will ever be looking at my thigh to see my scar, but you may be seeing me in tree pose in a few months.

After the pysical therapy, Ed came over and we had a party in my room. At about 6 PM I decided I couldn't eat another night of turkey or another meal in the house, so we all went to Chelsea's Kitchen. Unfortunately (for us, not them) it was crowded, and we ate at a small uncomfortable table outside in the bar. Lots of atmosphere, but low on ergonomics.

By the end of the meal I was in enough pain towant to pass up dessert, but didn't.

In the middle of the night, I had to punish myself for my bad girlness by taking a Vicodin to relieve the most intolerable pain I had experienced since the surgery.

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