28 November 2006


The big concession I made to my wild weekend was not to go to Starbucks on Monday. , Chelsea brought it back for me. We've got those TED socks and the plastic bag thing knocked, so I got dressed and hung out for a while with Mark Salustro, who I asked to walk me. I was practicing walking on the walker without a limp.

But by Monday afternoon, after Rob Dunaway came by with seven excruciatingly tasty bars of chocolate, and Paul Bendheim brought me a software program to test, and I wrote a BizAZ column, I once again felt like going out to dinner. The visiting nurse had come, and changed my dressing, showing me my incision. Lo, I am healed (almost). Seriously, I feel pretty good about how the scar looks. It still has the staples, however.

This time I chose the Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood, the dinner went off without incident, and I celebrated with my friend Fred and a glass of Chardonnay. Reminder: couldn't have had a pain pill if I needed one, because I drank, so I made sure I didn't need one.

Still have high blood levels of Coumadin, and took only 2.5mg today. I doubt I will have DVT, because I'm up and around a lot.

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