25 December 2006

And now for an update on me

Merry Christmas! Five weeks ago today, I was preparing for surgery. Waking up hungry and not being able to eat because of the anaesthesia. Today I get to eat all day long, going from party to party.

I'm weaning myself slowly from the cane, but it isn't easy. I still can't bear all the weight on the operated leg without bracing the other leg against it. For you yogis, I can do tree pose, but not king dancer. And when I walk caneless, I limp. So I can see it will be a long haul to develop these muscles again. On the other hand, I've gotten up quite a head of steam on the cane, so I am walking fast again. I'm beginning to think a lot of this is the problems in my back, which haven't been able to be fixed by yoga in two months. This deserves more investigation.

But not today: it's Christmas.

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