13 December 2006

Off restrictions

I saw Dr. Whirlow yesterday and she decided I could take off my TED sock (yay!) and begin to ride motorcycles again :-)

No, that's a joke. Actually the patient before me in the office was Pat, an acquaintance of min who had her surgery the same day as mine and told Dr. Whirlow "wait until you see Francine and she tells you how she rode the motorcycle."  Poor Dr. Whirlow didn't know what to believe, and came in half expecting to be told that I had committed some major violation of the hip precautions.

No such thing: I'm no dope. The most dangerous thing I've ridden in the past two weeks is a barstool.  And now that my sentence over, I will admit that I have violated my home imprisonment repeatedly to go to Houston's and to have lunch with clients.

I also walked in the pool and am going to outpatient PT. I have some really bad walking habits, so I will be staying on the cane until I can train my muscles to support my left leg again. This doesn't bother me, as I'm pretty fast on it by now. But I am determined to learn how to walk without a limp.

After three weeks, I am really thrilled by my own progress. Except for the fact that I still don't sleep through the night because I'm uncomfortable after a while in any position, or I accidentally turn on to the incision side, I'm fine and on no pills. I get tired at about 3 PM, but if I take a short nap, I'm good to go again. My next visit to Dr. Whirlow is at six weeks, with another X-ray.

For the first time yesterday I asked what she did, and she assured me that she put in a large head so I could have greater range of motion and more ability to do things like yoga. She told me the implant was made of ceramic, titanium, and one other metal, and that unlike pure ceramic joints, it wouldn't Squeak!

I'm a happy girl.  A long three weeks to me, but no one else thinks it was long...I sent the rest of the golden retriever nursing team (Temple, Bodie and Kodie) home to California today.  Now I have to nurse my dog out of the depression has has fallen into since they left.

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