02 December 2006

Resting Up

Yesterday was a busy day, and I had to take Tylenol to get the three series of 18 exercises in comfortably. But I am feeling like I could get off the walker -- in fact, I walked from the bedroom to the bathroom on my cane in the middle of the night twice.  The only reason I wouldn't try it all day long is that I can feel that the left leg is still weak, and there are four large doggies running around my house.  I don't want to fall.

I'm less than two weeks out from the surgery, for those who are contemplating having it, and I have very minimal pain today -- almost none. Without even Tylenol.And I didn't have a minimally invasive procedure. My large scar is pink.

Every time your do those exercises, they get easier, and the advance from day to day is phenomenal.

I am also self-sufficient for dressing, showering, and calling out for food :-) My family and I are beginning to have our customary fun together!

I cannot say enough for a good surgeon.

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