31 December 2006


At the gym yesterday I took the water aerobics class, up to the point where the instructor started doing things that violated the hip precautions (jumping with bent knees,bringing knees to chest).  It was fun and easy.  Today I go to the gym to walk the treadmill and ride the bike -- I'm doing different things every day.  Very, very slowly, my walk without the cane is improving and putting my full weight on the joint is hurting less.

Just in time.  The Golden Retriever Rescue people called me yesterday and they have a new golden for us! I think we get him today. He's two years old and his name is Red.  I'll have to change that.

What's perfect is that I always stay home for New Year's Eve, and it will be Red's first night. He won't think he has a mother who eats in the restaurant every night :-)

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