23 December 2006

Downward Dog

Well, not quite, but yesterday the physical therapist, after a series of exercises designed to show me just how week my abductors are, also showed me how to get down and up from the floor without breaking the 90 degree rule.  This involves going into a standing split, which I easily can do, with the operated leg out behind me, and then sinking on to all fours on the other knee.

90% of the hip replaced population wouldn't care about this, but for me it means I can go back to most of the yoga poses I did before the surgery, with the exception of forward folds and twists. That rocks.

She also had me walk on a treadmill, so this morning I walked on the treadmill for ten minutes in the gym and then rode the bike for twenty minutes.  I am back to a half hour of cardio, albeit at a lower intensity, which is where I was before the surgery.

And you are asking why I don't talk about going into the pool?  Because the PT told me I weigh the equivalent of ten pounds in the pool, and I determined will never develop walking strength by just walking in the pool.

I went to the dog park with Chauncey today, too.  Man, was he happy.

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