18 December 2006

Floyd Landis and Me

Yesterday afternoon I got bored so I went to the gym. I got on the exercise bike and rode the full 22 minute cycle and cooldown on level three, with absolutely no pain.  Now, was I sore this morning?  Absolutely, but who cares?  I wasn't any more sore than I was after this morning's physical therapy, because my abductors are really still asleep. Also having an interesting problem levelling my pelvis, because my proprioception is off.

Also saw an article in the paper that Elizabeth Dole is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Like me, she scheduled it for the interstices between appointments :-)

I feel I am almost at full strength. Fewer naps. Less unsteadiness.  Easier to climb steps. And I can do a lot of yoga asanas that fall under the hip precautions: half moon, chair pose, camel pose, tadasana, tree, king dancer. Can't turn my left foot in, so I can't do triangle and warriors yet.  Also doing wall clock and wall pushups :-) The worst is not being able to get down on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Francine, good luck!

I've linked your story into the roundup of Landis news at trust but verify.