16 December 2006

Physical Therapy

Got on the exercise bike today for the first time. It was really painless and I see I can go back to the gym, which is good. I've been procrastinating on the swimming, because it's cold. Also because I don't want to fall getting in or out of the pool.

In physical therapy I am working on the transfer of weight from one leg to another that's involved in walking. Because I had pain before the hip replacement, and because I'm still sore now, I have a terrible hitch in my walk that makes me look like a limper. I don't want to have this, so I am going to have to practice walking big time.

However, if I walk any length of time, I still am in pain, so I will have to wait until all the walking muscles get stronger. This morning I am going out with my old walking buddies to walk on the canal, and I'm going to see how far I can go.

Around the house, I can walk without the cane. On the outside, I still need it because my leg gets tired where the muscles are week. Also because I don't want to reinforce the bad walking

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