27 December 2006

The Cane Collection

I should probably mention that I treat my cane the way I treat eyeglasses; I don't use the Walgreen's $20 special. Instead, I make it part of my wardrobe and my fashion statement. This probably comes from my yoga practice of acceptance.

So I found a web site that sells fancy canes and I bought replica of a cane that's in a French war museum, and one that has flowers and greenery, almost like cloissone, trailing up and down the shaft.

The historical French cane cost a couple of hundred dollars, but the other one was quite reasonable, and when I wear them people comment on how cool they are.

I am doing warrior and triangle poses now, for all of you who practice yoga. And for all of you who don't, you probably should start before the surgery, because yoga poses are a much more pleasant way to regain your muscle strength and flexibility than 10 reps of something at the physical therapist. There's something about repetitive motion that eventually makes me mad, whereas two or three warrior poses, perhaps because the stretch and strengthen at the same time, feel GOOD.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just noticed your blog. My 82 year old mother is just recovering from hip replacement surgery, which she had two weeks before Thanksgiving. She is doing remarkably well!

Her doctor featured her story on his blog! They also made the local news because of her remarkable recovery. Thought you might be interested in seeing it: http://www.hipreplacementsurgery.blogspot.com/

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