12 December 2006

The Pool

I went yesterday to the outside physical therapist, who looked at my walk and said she didn't like it. However, when I told her I was only three weeks from surgery, she said I was remarkable. But that doesn't change the fact that my gluteus medius is dead, my quadratus lumborum is tight and not working, and a bunch of other things need work. She gave me a list of exercises and told me I was okay to go in the pool.

So this morning I went to the pool at the gym for the first time in three weeks. I cannot tell you how good it felt! And now a word of thanks to Temple, Chelsea's boyfriend, who got up at dawn to drive me over there and stand by the side of the pool for a half hour reading me the pool exercises, making sure I did them right, and also making sure that I can negotiate the gym and the pool without violating the hip restrictions. We did beautifully! Temple is a born caregiver. And in the pool I do not limp!

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