04 December 2006


I've reached the point in my recovery where I am still grounded but too energetic to be happy at home.  It's after 1 AM and i have been up for a hour. I'm just simply not tired because I was in bed most of the day. I've graduated pretty much in the house to the cane from the walker, and I've done all my exercises.

I'm sure once I am allowed to go out and do daily activities I will be exhausted, because I feel my energy levels varying during the day. But right now, I am sitting bolt upright in bed, typing away. It's not even that there's something on my mind that's keeping me awake, or any pain to speak of.  Today I did so little that I didn't even have to take a Tylenol. After a day or two of doing a new series of exercises, I can do them without pain.  Although I notice that I still have weak glutes, quads and abductors in the operated leg.

There is also no Internet in the house.  We bought a new TV, plugged it in, and destroyed the broadband signal.  Cox sent someone over who got it going temporarily, but as soon as he left the house it quit again.  I called again, but they couldn't get a technician over until Wednesday.  This is Sunday.  So I have been calling repeatedly, telling them I am bedridden, telling them I have no home phone without broadband (I have VOIP) and hoping someone cancels an appointment.

Cox has tried to improve its customer service, but it still sucks.  One tech on the phone was nice enough, but when I told him I really needed the Internet,  he told me to read a book or watch TV. Another tech who I told I didn't want to be housebound without a home phone asked me if I could have someone come over and stay with me. He said,
can't you call a family member to come over? What a jerk! Could never have thought of that myself. And of course a family member is here.  But what if she weren't????? The phone company used to be mandated to supply service to elderly and handicapped people living alone, but I don't think the Internet has that kind of mandate.  I guess it shouldn't, as a regulation, but perhaps the customer service reps should be trained to make different answers when someone tells them they are homebound, just had surgery, live alone, and are also trying to support themselves on the Internet.

Tomorrow I will see if I can have a Verizon broadband card delivered.

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