11 December 2006

Three weeks

My three week anniversary. As I evaluate the pain, I realize I have no more hip joing pain (of course), but I have lots of other pain: muscle spasms in my glutes are the worst, probably because I exercise and use them all day long. But there is also a burning sensation in my groin that reminds me I've got stitches inside me that are probably still not all healed.

It's hard to sleep, because I have to take precautions not to get into the real fetal position and not to turn over on the unoperated side without a pillow between my legs and not to put my legs in a scissor pattern. Lots of lower back pain as well. When I was on Coumadin, I took two tylenol arthritis for this, but now that I'm on an aspirin that I take every night with dinner, I'm not anxious to take Tylenol as well. I think when I get in the pool this will all get better.

I went to a wind-tasting last night and there was a man there who had had a hip replacement four months ago. He was off the cane and walking well, seemed to be in no pain, but he said the socket was moving around his hip because he didn't grow enough calcium to knot it together. He said he could feel it moving. His surgeon put him on Fosamax to grow calcium. Eeek! That's a complication I had never even read about.

I also spent my first night alone on Saturday night, at Temple spend the night with his family. I was fine, and in the morning I got up and went to Starbucks. Just like old times. I think I am almost ready!

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