17 December 2006


Whooo-hooo!  Yesterday I met my running buddies (we used to run 60 miles a week together and do marathons, and now we're all around 65 and walk together) by the Biltmore with Chauncey and we walked the canal.  Although I had the cane and we didn't go too far, it felt great just to get out there with them again.

For those who wonder how well I walk after less than a month: not the way I want to.  I have a limp, which I am trying to correct as I practice walking.  It comes from having weak muscles on the left side that don't allow me to change legs the way you need to when you walk. But I have almost no pain -- only a little every once in a while when I move incorrectly--and it is a pleasure to walk.

Today I will take Chauncey out again. Good thing he orbits around me and I don't really have to have him leashed, because I can't really control him on a leash yet. You have to hold the leash in the left hand, the cane in the right, and if he pulled, I be in a face plant immediately.

One sad thought: there's a former Microsoft employee, a friend of a friend, dying of cancer. He was blogging until a few days ago, and now his family is continuing his blog as he is in hospice. His decline is taking place over almost the exact series of days of my recovery.

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